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Stanford High Resolution Electron Microscope Facility



Robert Marshall

Electron Microscope Specialist


Institution and Location Degree Year Field of Study
Florida State University


1971 Chemistry

Professional Experience:

1969 - 1970

Laboratory Assistant, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Florida State University (Graziadei)

 1970 - 1973

Laboratory Techncian, Dept. of Chemistry, Florida State University (Winzler)

 1974 - 1977

Lfe Science Research Tech., Dept. of Biological Sciences, Stanford University (Kennedy, et al)

1977 - present

Research Associate, Dept. of Neurobiology, Stanford University (McMahan)


Selected Publications

  • Harlow , M.L., Ress, D., Stoschek, A., Marshall , R.M. and McMahan, U.J. The architecture of active zone material at the frog's neuromuscular junction. Nature 409: 479-484, 2001.
  • Ress, D., Harlow, M., Schwartz, M., Marsall, R.M. & McMahan, U.J. Automatic Acquisition of fiducial markers and alignment of images in tilt series for electron tomography. J. Electron Microsc. 48, 277-287 (1999)
  • Harlow, M., Ress, D., Koster, A., Marshall, R.M., Schwarz, M., and McMahan, U.J. (1998). Dissection of active zones at the neuromuscular junctin by EM tomograpy. J. Physiol. (paris) 92: 75-787.
  • Ress, D., Harlow , M.L., Marshall , R.M. and U. J. McMahan. Optimization method for isodensity surface models obtained with electron microscope tomography data. Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2003. Proceedings of the 25 th Annual Conference of the IEEE 1: 774-77, 2003.
  • Ress, D.B., Harlow, M.L., Marshall, R.M. and McMahan, U.J. Methods for generating high-resolution structural models from electron microscope tomography data. Structure : 12 (10):1763-1774, 2004.


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