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Mark Harlow

Postdoctoral Fellow


Institution Degree Year Field of Study
Texas A&M University Dual B.S. 1994 Biochemistry & Genetics
Stanford University Ph.D. 2001 Neuroscience

Research Experience:

1993-94 Undergraduate Research Fellow, Texas A&M University, Advisor: Spencer Johnston, Ph.D.
1994-2001 Graduate Student, Neuroscience Program, Stanford University, Advisor: U. Jack McMahan, Ph.D.
2001- Post-doctoral Research, Stanford University, Advisor: U. Jack McMahan, PhD.

Teaching Experience:

Aug, 2001 Lecturer, Woods Hole Course in Neurobiology.
Aug, 2002 Lecturer, Woods Hole Course in Neurobiology.
Jan-May, 2007 Co-Lecturer, Biol 170 (Neurobiology), UC Merced.
Jan-May, 2007 Lab Instructor, Biol 170L (Neurobiology), UC Merced.


  • 1st Place Winner (Postdocoral Category) Poster Presentation at the 2006 Neuroscience Institute at Stanford Research Conference at Asilomar.

Selected Publications:

  • Ress, D., Harlow, M.L, Marshall, R.M. and U.J. McMahan (2004). Methods for generating high-resolution structural models from electron microscope tomography data. Structure 12:1763-74.

  • Ress, D., Harlow, M.L., Marshall, R.M. and U.J. McMahan (2003). Optimization methods for isodensity surface models obtained with electron microscope tomography data. Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2003. Proceedings of the 25th Annual Conference of the IEEE 1: 774-77.

  • Harlow, M.L., Ress, D., Stoschek, A., Marshall, R.M. and McMahan, U.J. (2001) The architecture of active zone material at the frog's neuromuscular junction. Nature 409: 479-84.

  • Ress, D., Harlow, M., Schwarz, M., Marshall, R. M., and U. J. McMahan (1999). Automatic acquisition of fiducial markers and alignment of images in tilt series for electron tomography. J. Elect. Microsc. 48:277-87.

  • Harlow M, Ress D, Koster A, Marshall R, Schwarz M, and U McMahan (1998). Dissection of active zones at the neuromuscular junction by EM tomography. J. Physiol. (Paris) 92: 75-78.

  • Hegerl, R., Stoschek, A., Yu, T. P. Y. and M. Harlow (1996). Denoising tomographic reconstructions of individual structures using wavelet decomposition. Proceedings of the 11th European Congress on Microscopy, Dublin.

  • Stoschek, A., Hegerl, R., Yu, T. P. Y., Walz, J. and M. Harlow (1996). Steerable pyramid denoising as preprocessing for 2D-object detection and visualization of tomographic reconstructions. Pattern Recognition (Mustererkennung) 18. DAGM-Symposium, Heidelberg, (ed.: B. Jähne, P. Geißler, H. Haußecker, F. Hering), Springer, pp 645-52.


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